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Cross Cultural Center

The Cross-Cultural Center (CCC) supports the University’s efforts to serve students of color and international students. Our purpose is to create and sustain an environment that encourages and embraces the contributions of a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

What we do

The CCC introduces students to new ideas, people, experiences and a broader worldview; here, you’ll grow. As a community center for students, staff, and faculty to enhance their multicultural awareness and participate in educational programming, the CCC is an inclusive and safe space for community members to explore their own identities and learn about other races, cultures, and religions.

P.A.L.M.S. (Positively Achieving Leadership by Men in Society)

P.A.L.M.S. is a charismatic group of young men of color who discuss the challenges men of color face as well as he gifts they contribute to the campus community. Men discuss a range of issues they encounter such as their conduct to living Godly transparent lives. Men are encouraged to be positive role models for the campus community. 

P.A.L.M.s meets on Thursday nights;  please contact Dr. Conway Campbell for more information.

ALANA (African, Latino/Hispanic, Asian and Native American) Network

A student-run group that meets weekly during the academic year to plan and promote student and community activities. The Network fosters an overall inclusive environment and awareness of diversity among its members and the entire University community. It also educates and engages the community through exciting activities such as multicultural events, panel discussions, weekly meetings, lectures, performances, and more. 

The ALANA Network meets on Thursday nights, after PALMs. Please contact Anthony Santiago for more information.

W.I.N.G.S. (Women Interested in Networking, Gathering, and Solidarity)

W.I.N.G.S. provides female students of color an opportunity to meet with other students and staff of color to explore networking opportunities, participate in discussions with outside guest speakers, and seek advice and guidance on issues pertinent to women of color. We seek to empower young women of color to explore, engage and thrive in the Assumption community, think critically about their role in the surrounding community, and become informed citizens of the world. 

WINGs meetings on Wednesday nights, please contact Judy Heersink for more information.

Reflections on Race Series

A group of Student Affairs and Campus Ministry professionals from a small, predominantly white Catholic University sought to answer: how do we make our University a more welcoming environment for students of color? The Racial Healing Dialogues, now called Reflections on Race, was adopted providing faculty and administrators a safe space to discuss race on a continuous basis. Contact Judy Heersink for more information. 

Student Race Dialogue Series

Much like Reflections on Race, a similar dialogue series was created for specific affinity student groups to dive deeper into the topics of race and justice as well as hold a space for community dialogue amongst one another. This dialogue series is facilitated by both Assumption staff and faculty. 

Contact Judy Heersink for more information.

Agents of Change Retreat

Reflections on Race retreats provide students a forum to talk about issues of race, ethnicity, and diversity in a safe and non-threatening environment. The focus is not on others or societal events,   rather what each of us can do (internally) to reduce racism.  The philosophy and formal retreat format that we follow states that “racism is a social and spiritual disease” and it is “born out of ignorance and fear, which feed upon each other in a monstrous cycle” and that ALL people of ALL races are negatively affected. Students also have the chance to talk about ways to welcome more individuals to Assumption.

Contact Judy Heersink for more information. 

ALANA Collaborations

All ALANA type student leader groups (these include any other ALANA like affinity groups) through the Worcester consortium (the consortium involves Worcester State University, WPI, Clark University, MCPHS, Anna Maria College, Becker College and Quinsigamond Community College) can find a space to collaborate on different events, meet each other through our Welcome Back BBQ and network amongst one another throughout the year. Advisors and ALANA student leaders work together to create the space for these kinds of connections throughout the school year.

Contact Judy Heersink for more information.

Questions? Contact Us!

Judy Heersink
Director of ALANA & First Generation Student Success
Phone: 508-767-7100

Anthony Santiago
Cross Cultural Center Graduate Assistant
Advisor of The ALANA Network
Phone: 508-767-7348

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